Learning to Program in Python for Kids

of all ages and Linux on a Raspberry Pi by Philip M Russell

Once everything is installed now you can start to learn to program. 

On the version I downloaded and in some of the magazines there are two languages in the Operating Systems - Python and Scratch. Scratch is a graphical form of Java - with most of the Java hidden. Python is a more basic programming language. Learning this will give you a set of transferable skills to help you program in any computer language.

Pi-Python CharacterPython programs can be developed in many ways, but one of the easiest is to use Geany as the programming environment.

Download geany from http://www.geany.org/

Now on Raspbian "Wheezy" this was difficult. I had to go back to the command line and install using:

$ sudo apt-get install geany

Once we have the tools now we can learn to program. Use the Program menu at the top to navigate or these links below or the inks on the Right hand side of the screen

First Program





If Then