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If we built you a website like everyone else does then this company would not really be any different. Instead, we will often build the website with you, showing you why this goes here and that goes there. Taking this time to show you why this goes there and what it does helps you to understand your web site.

Many of our clents learn enough to modify the websites themselves, so that thay can maintain their own websites. Other companies prefer us to do all the maintenance.

We have over 50 years of teaching experience in the company as Ofsted graded excellent teachers. We can use these skills to help you learn and if necessary take over this side of the business.

We are always to help in the case of something going wrong.

Training can either be done on own own premises or on site.

Two of our staff are ex-School, College and University teachers, so we can use all of our skills to bring you and ypour company a mich higher level of training than is normally available, or provided by other training companies.

As well as product training we also run courses on Moodle, Smartboards and Wordwall.