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SEO and Google+

How will Google+ affect websites and their search Engine Optimisation.

The answer at the moment is we don’t really know  as things will change, but there are quite a few things we can try out and investigate what might happen.Google Home page We have already seen much from Facebook users complaining why can’t we search Facebook like Google searches the web pages. I think that soon we will certainly be able to search all the social media covered on Google+. The new features are interesting and with its proper launch a few days ago and being able to add companies to Google+ lots will be changing.

google+ logo embedded on the siteWith a little bit of an effort I managed to get my company onto Google+ last night and the link from my site to Google+ a few minutes later. It would have been quicker if I had readthe manual, but I do believe that if its not that easy to do then it should have been designed better.

Now I have a link from a very highly ranked page (surely Google will rank themselves highly) linked to my home page. Now that must be worth something.