Mounting a Kinect on a Tripod

I had a look at the brackets to mount the kinect at a reasonable height. My TV on its stand is rather too low to I needed to mount the Kinect a little higher.

When I bought it I presumed that it would come with a suitable bracket to fit on top of the TV. We tried to buy the corret adaptor but it seems to be out of stock for the time being.

I could put up a shelf but my wife wasn't so keen so instead I used t small tripod.

I had a small tripod a small velbon one that was by chance just the right size to peer over the TV at full extension.




2. The first stage was to remove the camera mounting bracket and remove the bush that would screw into the camera. This was removed easily by unscrewing it.






3. My wife suggested attaching the two with adhesive velcro. This wasn't as effective as I would have liked so I settled on Removable no more nails.







4. I put two pads onto the tripod mount and then








5. I stuck these onto the bottom of the Kinect unit.








6. The mount was then put onto the tripod and the problem was solved.








7. The set up works very effectively and will either stay in place until I can purchase the recommended attachment, or stay as it is.






Kinect on a Tripod