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Making Better DSLR Videos Series

A series in progress to help people make better videos. Here are a couple of examples.

White Balance

Using the Clapperboard


Overview Equipment

Basic Setup - the minimum you need

Basic Equipment

The steps to shoot a video

The clapperboard

White Balance

Colour Balance

Syncing cameras

Tentacle time sync

Multiple camera sync Davinci Resolve

How to use the cameras onboard mic

Different types of mics for different uses

Lavalier Mic

Shotgun Mics

Studio Mics

Lollipop mics

Using a camera monitor

Camera Supports

The tripod

Choosing a tripod

Using a tripod

Vertical panning using gravity

As steadicam

As a jib

Upside-down low shots

Panning using an elastic band or pulley and mass

The Monopod

Upside down steadicam

High above head

Tilt forward

Different tripod heads

The dolly

The dolly on straight tracks

The dolly on curved tracks

Using a rail system

The slider

The Jib

The Jib panning up and down

The jib panning across

The jib on a dolly track


Using a Zoom lens

Using Prime lenses

Using Long lenses

Simple Lighting

Lighting outside

Lighting inside

Lighting techniques from stills to video

Choosing a type of camera





Why a 4K Camera?

In camera editing

Using one camera

Using two cameras

Using three cameras

Using more than three cameras

Basic sound recording

Using a smartphone recorder

Using a sound recorder

Using a wireless recorder

Using a boom Mic

Using a deadcat

Deadcat smooth or furry

Using a turns pro

The Pulse

The Spark


Here are some examples of the Educational Videos available

AQA Physics

Buoyancy Looking at breathing in and out in a Pool. How filling and emptying the lungs affects the bodies buoyancy.

AQA Chemistry

Investigating Temp changes when Copper Sulfate reacts with Zinc

Balancing Chemical Equations

AQA Biology

The Digestive System