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When we create a site, you are put in charge. You can monitor who comes to your website, where they come from ( both their physical location and the route by which they came to your website.

You are able to monitor the search terms they used to find your website, which can then be honed by our team to make an even better and easier to search website.

Web Analytics is not just a tool for measuring website traffic but can also be used for business and market research.

We can help you learn about the types of Operating system and screen sizes the customers were using. What pages they visited and for how long.

By analysing your website in fine detail the site can be improved to give a better return on investment.

St Albans Guild of Vergers Website

Lets look at a web site and see what we can discover.

Analytics GraphHow many visitors came per day.

We can see what pages they went to, and list the search terms they used on the search engines to find us and to which page they were redirected.

The Analysis

All web sites generate statistics. We help you analyse the data obtained, or we can do this all for you. We make suggestions for change to maximise your investment. Hourly, Daily, weekly or monthly we can analyse this data, and recommend or make the changes to optimise your web site.