Video Production

Videos are part of the internet and our lives We make videos from small web adverts to Wedding day events to corporate information
Video production

Live Videos

Our Mobile broadcasting enables the production of high quality streamed Video either for a local audience or out on the net. 


Everything from corporate photographs to Wedding Day memories, from portraits to science investigtions.

Our Services

Educational Videos

GCSE and A level Videos covering most exam boards Videos on Practicals and lessons.We have hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel teaching science and other topics.
We also run making better video, teaching users to create better video and to learn new techniques like animation, learning to light scenes better and to use foley.


We had a couple of options here record a podcast or create a podcast and a video. We decided to go for the latter. Decisions have to be made, the best types of mic - opting for large condenser mics with pop fileter and muffling screen to get rid of all the ambient noise. Setting up the green scree. to surround us to enable Front (both of us) and left and right cameras on either of is.. Setting up with different cameras and syncing the sound recorded on a Zoom H5 through the sound mixer so the files are easy to edit later. then deciding on soundcloud for the Podcast and Youtube for the video.

Always Carry a Camera

The reason why you need to carry a camera around with you and not a phone. The phone recorded some dots but the camera did so much better.

Creating Lessons

Creating lessons for Using a Manfrotto panoramic backgroud so that the two cameras one side on and one front on can see my mouth movements as I say words. This is so much easier than having to have two green screens at 90 degrees.

Posted 21st June 2020

Marquee Studio

In the summer months it is warm enough and usually quiet enough to film outside in the Marquee. We can easily get several lights a backdrop or two and enough room to move the cameras back to get good angles on the subjects. It also offers us time to make different types of films.

Posted 12th June 2020

Women's Institute

Running an online class for the Womens Institute showing them how to improve their snaps to become portraits to remember and to cherish The @CanonUKandIE software is a brilliant way of showing this.

Posted 1st July 2020

1 Year old

My @Blackmagic_News Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is 1 year old today. We have made over 150 educational videos together. Over the year it has acquired another identical camera for the video conferencing and general film making. We now have several zoom lenses for this and a collection of fast primes for the daily work. A better camera has demanded better lighting and sound, all of which have improved our quality of production.